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VERY RARE! Nearly neon green leaves that merges into a bright gold center while spreading gold sporadically over most of the leaf surface. A very unique color. Matures a large hosta. Upright, cascading leaves are long and wide. Flowers bloom early in the summer. Keeps color long into the fall. Matures 33 inches high and 40 inches wide. Tobacco Road did not tissue culture properly. Just about every plant reverted to a single color. Out of 96 I purchased, I managed to find two that show variegation. And over the years I have slowly been dividing them. And with each division I have had 100% luck with not having them revert. And the variegation pattern may not be exactly as described above. They do vary some from plant to plant and not always having the gold in the center as described. But they are all variegated. Remember I guarantee plants for only three months and I do not guarantee they will always stay true. If you are into very rare plants that nobody else has, this is your chance to get one. Zones 3-9.

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Photo courtesy Olga Petryszyn and Shady Oaks Nursery

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