About Us

We are a small family run business operating out of southern Minnesota.

My History

Back in 1989 I purchased my first house and my first four different hosta plants. Very common plants such as Honeybells and Undulata. About 5 years later I had hundreds of hosta plants divided from the original 4 plants. It was not until years later I discovered other hosta varieties to purchase. I started experimenting selling my first four varieties on Ebay and they sold well. In 2007 I purchased several hundred hostas from Shady Oaks nursery wholesale liners. The same year I quit my job and went into the hosta plant business full time. As Shady Oaks Nursery closed their doors for good, I purchased from Walters Gardens and other tissue culture labs. It was not until starting in the summer of 2016 I purchased hundreds of dollars worth of the most rare, unusual, and beautiful hostas from Jim’s Hostas. That same year they closed their doors. My obsessed personality with hosta plants drove me to purchase more and more of the rare and expensive plants, as I was convinced the most expensive plants are the most attractive plants. They cannot be done in mass production in a tissue culture lab as dividing is the only way. Because they are so different and unusual with maybe heavily twisted foliage, streaked foliage, misted foliage, or lots of colors or color changes during the season. I am now attempting to produce my first new plants from seed. In the past few years I have registered my first hosta and have more new hostas coming to register and sell. I also met with Charles Kwick, a new breeder of hosta plants. Certain varieties of his plants I will be introducing for sale on my web site. I also introduced Bob Solberg to Charles Kwick. Now Bob is convinced Charles has some plants with great potential and Bob will also be selling some of Charles plants. Bob and Charles are very nice people. My business has rapidly grown in the last several years. Most customers are repeat buyers and several customers claim my plants are the healthiest and best plants they have ever received through the mail. You make that decision by giving me a try. Thank you, Mike Dammen from the Hostas Store.

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