Skywriter Hosta


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Beautiful ruffled blue leaves held on deep purple petioles in a semi-upright manner. The white backs of the leaves and the purple petioles are easily seen creating a stunning visual. This could be my favorite hosta. But I am always changing my mind. Think about what I see- purple petioles easily visible, intense blue leaves, those two cool colors look great together, and the piecrust wavy edge, and this one shows clearly all those features. I have held onto this plant for years and not selling it because I just love it! Sooner or later I must share with others. But it does come with an expensive price tag. Lavender flowers top the clump. Matures 15 inches tall and 30 inches wide. Just recently more of these rare hostas have become available to the market. However, the ones I am shipping, because I did not want to sell them last year, have some size to them and a good chance my plants are going to be larger than other nurseries. Zones 3-9.

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