O.P. seedling. Vivacious (D)


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You will receive the EXACT plant shown in the photo. Just emerging. I grow these plants from seeds. They are now 3 years old or older nice size plants. The title of the listing is the mother plant the seeds were picked from. Out of 500 or so seedlings grown, I choose to keep about one seedling and throw the other 499 seedlings. As those 499 seedlings are usually a typical green plant and typical normal shaped leaves. This is what hosta breeders do, to create their own new varieties of hostas. It is a lot of work, but fun work! Only the best are registered, named, or offered for sale. I am selling the best! I have been breeding for 5+ years, and keeping 50 or so plants per year. It is time to sell these one of a kind plants. You can name the plant, if you wish. Register the new plant, if you wish. You save lots of $$$ by buying these no name plants. For an example: The mother plant may be an expensive $50.00 plant, and I may sell the seedling for half price. In extreme cases, the mother plant may be a $100.00 plant, and seedling sold for half price. Some seedlings self pollinate and can look the same as the expensive plant. I sell these for a huge discount. A beautiful plant! A great price!

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Red/Purple, Streaked/Misted

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