Ice Age Trail Hosta


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  • Moderately to light streaked foliage of blue-green, and gold. Moderately corrugated and of thick substance. During the season the leaves gradually change to green and creamy white. The hosta is known to revert to more of a stable form over time, so culling of offtype shoots is necessary to keep it as a true Ice Age Trail. With a little work, a mature plant is a stunning specimen. Dense clusters of near white flowers bloom in late June to mid July. Matures 16 inches high and 36 inches wide. ONE OF THE BEST STREAKED HOSTAS FOR BREEDING FOR NEW VARIETIES. FERTILE. Zones 3-9.

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Photos show one of my nicest versions of this hosta. Constantly changes each year. Culling (dividing) is necessary to prevent plant from fully reverting.

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