Alley Oop Hosta


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Extremely unusual streaked hosta. Small in size and the leaves are thick, rippled and twisted, slightly wavy. Green margin with a white streaked and misted center. Pale lavender flowers in late July to early August. Matures 10 inches high and 21 inches wide. Zones 3-9.

Note: I have seen Alley Oop in hosta collections. I find the ones I am dividing and selling are on the upper end of the scale. Meaning mine have very nice coloring more like the photo shows. Please don’t quote me as just as nice as the photo shows with lots of white speckling, but close. All I know for sure is the average Alley Oop found for sale, my Alley Oops look at least a bit nicer. Plus two eye+ plant will be sent. If it was only one eye then the plant is very large for only being one eye. Expensive but I think worth the dollars for hosta collectors. Very unusual and interesting.

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